2024 STREETS IMPROVEMENTS in Swanson Park - See Notice below +++

Rock River Disposal will begin picking up yard waste starting April 2, 2024. 

An unlimited amount of yard waste will be picked up every week from April 2nd through November 26, 2024. Please place yard waste in brown yard waste bags or 33 gallon trash cans marked with a large "X" to indicate yard waste. 

 Branches need to be bundled in 4' sections. 



Filename Size Date & Time
An Adobe Acrobat file ORD 2024-01Amending Chapter 34 Law Enforcement Creating Section 34-42 Administrative Sergeant 88.74 KB 2024-01-29 16:30:45
An Adobe Acrobat file ORD 2024-02 Amending Chapter 58-Bidding Procedures 56.98 KB 2024-02-19 17:11:02
An Adobe Acrobat file ORD 2024-03 Amending Chapter 26 - Unscheduled Transportation of Groups into The Village of Cherry Valley 114.96 KB 2024-02-19 17:11:11
An Adobe Acrobat file ORD 2024-04 Adopting Section 5_1-2.1-1 and Amend Various Ordinances of The Cherry Valley Code of Ordinances to Reflect Such Adoption 119.15 KB 2024-02-22 22:22:59