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Public Works Department


The Cherry Valley Public Works Department is responsible for employing Illinois water regulations, and ensuring compliance with Illinois DOT laws.   

Headed by the Public Works Director, the professional staff of this department tests water, plows the snow off the streets in the winter, manicures our parks and generally maintains the aesthetic beauty as well as the underlying technical operations of Cherry Valley. 

The following pages will highlight the general rules and guidelines regarding parks and snow removal.

EMERGENCY ON-CALL PHONE: (815) 332-4646, Public works supervisor (815) 580-8874, or

Police at (815) 332-3431


Village's Winter Parking Regulations

The Granary at Village Hall

Map of Baumann Park Recreation Path-With Distances

Map of Swanson Park Recreation Path-With Distances

Baumann Park Rental Rules / Regulations

Baumann Park Lake General Information

Distance around lake: 1 1/4 miles

Water Softener Setting Information:

Water Hardness: About 330 mg/l
Conversion to Grains: mg/l / 17.1
Water Hardness: About 20 Grains per gallon