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Cherry Valley Police Department

To the Residents of Cherry Valley,

 I remember the very moment in time I first wanted to join the law enforcement profession. I was a teenager and met several police officers in my community. Their desire to serve and protect others drew me to become part of this profession. A few months before I turned 21, I began my policing career at a community college. The next year, I joined the Buffalo Grove, IL Police Department, spending nearly 28-years serving the community through many specialty and leadership positions. In May of 2017, I retired as Deputy Chief of Operations.

 I spent the last few years teaching and training police officers across the nation and around the world. While I was training officers, the desire to be of service to a community never left. I still have a passion for being on a team, serving, and protecting a community. I continue to be called to the honorable profession of law enforcement. That calling is fueled by seeing the positive impact each member of a department can make on a community, like Cherry Valley.

 Cherry Valley is a beautiful, close-knit community, that has a team of dedicated officers. Your police officers come to work each day with a willingness to serve. Their passion and enthusiasm are matched only by their determination to become the finest organization in the state. My job is to support them in pursuit of that mission. I must provide for them every tool and opportunity that will allow them to exceed their goal.

 That is why, in the coming weeks, I will be evaluating our department from every possible perspective. It will be a detailed and intensive process. We will look at our policies and procedures, the culture of the organization, how we interact with our residents and businesses, and what we can do to move our agency forward as a leader. Being a leading organization means that we will look into how we can improve beyond where we are today. We will embrace and enhance areas where we excel in our daily work. We will always look for ways to build stronger bridges with our community. This is not change for the sake of change; this is change to rise to the high expectations the people of Cherry Valley should and deservedly have.

 While this process will not be instantaneous, it will be deliberate. We will move with intense purpose to ensure that every officer who serves in our department can do so with pride. They will serve in an organization, of which every member of our community will be proud. Anything less than that laudable goal falls short of the noble profession we serve.

 While this is a difficult time for our country, the law enforcement profession, and every individual member of the Cherry Valley Police Department, I am honored and excited to lead our team as Chief of Police and serve you—the residents and community members of Cherry Valley.

 Roy Bethge, Chief of Police



Emergency Number 9-1-1
Administration 815/332-3432
To Report a Crime 815/332-3431

Our offices are located at:

806 E. State Street

Cherry Valley, IL 61016

Our offices are open Monday - Thursday, 8AM - 5 PM and Fridays 8AM - 4 PM